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Reproduction and original sampler designs, items patterned after antique needlework tools and accessories, stitch guides and out of print books.

*** New Items ***
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A Coyle of Sylver Trynket Boxe  Fishers Stitch guide
OS022  A Coyle of Sylver Trynket Boxe - Kit
Retail - $95.00
OS021  Fishers Stitch Guide - PDF
Retail - $5.00
Click on photos for details and use Order form at bottom of page for ordering
Quaker thread keep Quaker pin keepe unicorn needle booke  
OS020  Quaker Thread Keep
Retail - $36.00
OS019  Quaker Pin Keep/Fob
Retail - $30.00
OS018  Unicorn Needle Booke
Retail - $27.00
parrot pin keepe frog pin keepe pansy pin keepe  
OS017  Parrot Pin Keepe
Retail - $23.00
OS016  Frog Pin Keepe
Retail - $23.00
OS015  Pansy Pin Keepe
Retail - $23.00
Strawe Berried Treasure Strawe Berrie Illusions Thimble Berrie Jewele
OS012  Strawe Berried Treasure (kit)
Retail - $49.95
OS011  Strawe Berrie Illusions (kit)
Retail - $44.95
OS010  Thimble Berrie Jewele (kit)
Retail - $42.95
Strawe Berrie Jewele Acorne Pynne Keep  
OS009  Strawe Berrie Jewele (kit)
Retail - $42.95
OS008  Acorne Pynne Keepe (kit)
Retail - $25.00
Click on photos for details and use Order form at bottom of page for ordering
rabbit pin keepe rabbits  
OS014  Rabbit Pin Keepe
Retail - $15.00
OS013  Rabbit Burrowe
Retail - $17.95
AFarmer COgden  
RS006  Agness Farmer
Retail - $15.00
RS007  Cornelia Ogden
Retail - $15.00
Be the Change Rejoice in Winter Tend Carefully
OS005  Wee Bit Sampler 4
Retail - $10.00
OS006  Wee Bit Sampler 5
Retail - $10.00
OS007  Wee Bit Sampler 6
Retail - $10.00
What A Difference A Day Makes Peace/Anger Joy/Struggles
OS002  Wee Bit Sampler 1
Retail - $10.00
OS003  Wee Bit Sampler 2
Retail - $10.00
OS004  Wee Bit Sampler 3
Retail - $10.00
EMeadow JH Book  
BK001  The Judith Hayle Samplers (new)
Retail - $100.00
RS005  Elizabeth Meadow 1691 Sampler
Retail - $25.00
RS004  Laura Ann Ludington 1828 Sampler
Retail - $15.00
DMarkley BShute Hush
RS001  Daborah Markley
Retail - $10.00
RS002  Betsey Shute - 1830
Retail - $10.00
RS003  "angels Gard thy bed"
Retail - $10.00
House Ackworth Truth
AS001  Give Me a House ...
Retail - $15.00
AS002  Ackworth Quaker Sampler
Retail - $10.00
OS001  Innocence and Truth
Retail - $15.00


From time to time I find copies of out of print books which are considered to be "must have" items for any sampler or needlework enthusiast, and will list those books here for sale at competitive prices. If you have any books you want to sell, please contact me to talk about listing them here.

NEW: Currently I have an original (new) copy of The Goodhart Samplers published by Needleprint, and 2 new copies of Stitched Together, the exhibition catalog of early American samplers from the National Society of the Colonial Dames in Chicago in 2007. Please email me for pricing details.


I encourage you to support your local needlework stores, and hope they are carrying these products. If you cannot find them locally, please ask your shop to contact me about orders. Finally, feel free to order directly from this site.

To place an order, please download an order form (PDF format), fill it out, and send it along with a check (made payable to SFTN Designs, LLC) to Scholehouse for the Needle, P. O. Box 669813, Marietta, GA 30066.

All orders for charts will be shipped within 3-5 business days (after checks clear).

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